Remote PC Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Secure Remote Support’s services and operation. If you need more information or do not find the answer to your question, click here to connect to connect live with one of our Technicians.

About Remote Support


How does remote support work?

Our desktop sharing software allows us, with your permission, to remotely view your computer’s working functions through your own computer screen. While we move through your system identifying and correcting problems and conflicts, you are able to monitor our activities, and control our access as you see fit.

How long does the average remote support session last?

Average remote sessions last about an hour – the length of time depends on the state of your computer and the nature of the problem(s). In some cases, follow up appointments may be necessary to ensure proper ongoing function of your system, but our technicians will alert you to the possibility prior to performing any operation that will impact your computer’s operation.

Is it secure?

Absolutely! When you log in to our Secure Online Support Center you're initiating a temporary 128-bit encrypted connection between your computer and that of the technician. Only the Technician you have authorized to work on your computer can see or access your system.

In addition, you are in control during all sessions! Only you can initiate a remote support session and you can end a session by simply closing the support window on your desktop. Further, you always have primary control of the Technician’s access. During your session you will be able to see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems, but can over-ride the Technicians control of the cursor using your own mouse or touch-pad.

Can you get into my computer after the session is over?

No, not unless you log in to Secure Remote Support and request a new session. The desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allow us to view and interact with your computer are temporary files that automatically delete from your system each time you log out of a session. Until you initiate a new session with a Secure Remote Support Technician we can neither see nor access your computer.

Why should I use Remote Support over more traditional methods of computer repair?

By allowing our Technicians direct access to your computer at its resident location, you are saved the frustration of trying to explain your computer’s problem(s) or perform often complicated telephone instructions. When our personnel are able to interact directly with your system, they are better able to quickly and thoroughly diagnose the problem and effect repair, saving you time and money, and better ensuring that the problem is reliably and permanently corrected.

Remote repair also saves us money, enabling us to manage operating costs and keep our rates affordable.

Is it easy to use?

Very! Allowing a remote Technician to access your computer through the Internet enables us to accurately diagnose the problem, and ensure that it is repaired. You are saved the frustration of explaining often complex issues to a stranger over the phone, but can instead sit back and watch as our personnel interact with your system and clearly see the problem for themselves.

Initiating a session with a Remote Support Technician is fast and simple, requiring just two clicks of your mouse; the rest is left to us! Simply log in to, let go of the mouse and let us fix your computer!

What type of machines do you support?

We support all Windows and Macintosh computer systems as long as they're able to be connected to the internet!

Guarantees & Technicians


Is your work guaranteed?

Our work is guaranteed for a period of 6 months from when the job was completed. This guarantee applies specifically to whatever was performed on your computer. This also applies to onsite computer repair.

What if the problem isn't fixed?

It is extremely rare that our Technicians encounter a problem that they cannot repair. You will never be charged if our Technician is unable to correct your computer’s problem.

Can you come to my home or office if I am in need of onsite support?

Yes! Contact one of our Technicians at *phone* to for details on onsite support.


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