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Have an experience with the Geek Squad at Best Buy? Leave your comment below!

Geek Squad at Best Buy is a competitor of Secure Remote Support, Inc., on paper. We believe that we provide a much higher quality product and level of service and therefore arent in the same category as Geek Squad. However, to most customers, we are a direct competitor of Geek Squad. I invite you to read some peer reviewed experiences actual customers have had about the Geek Squad.

We occasionally get calls from customer who have used Geek Squad and ultimately hire us to clean up and fix problems that they had before the Geek Squad ‘repaired’ their machine, as well as errors and problems that arose AFTER a repair by the Geek Squad.

If you have an experience with the Geek Squad, please leave you experience below. Thank you.

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4 Responses to “Geek Squad Alternative”

  1. Justjohn |  Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 10:48

    My 70 y/o mother took her computer to geek squad because it had crashed. They did a $69 diagnostic and told her it had 7 viruses and it would cost $140 to fix it. She called me and told me the situation. I told her to get the computer back and I’ll take a look at it. All it needed was a security scan and updates installed.

    How dare those extortionists try to take advantage of an old ladies inexperience. I will not only never utilize their services, but I’ll tell everyone I know this story and I urge a complete boycott of geek squad.

  2. Mickey |  Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 18:48

    I was HIGHLY disappointed in my service last month at Geek Squad. I spent almost 100 bucks for nothing. I brought my business laptop into Geek Squad because it intermittently wouldn’t turn on at times, and I have to try turning it on sometimes 10-12 times before it finally boots. I thoroughly explained the situation to them.

    After waiting a week, got a call from the squad. Called back 14 times in two days, waiting 10 minutes + each time, but never got anyone on the phone. I finally drove over, stood in line for 1/2 hour, only to find out they the extent of their find was: They had done a scan and found some cookies & data miners on my computer. Big whoop, I do that every week with adware.

    Then I asked, “so why does the computer intermittently not start?” Get ready for this…

    THEY HAD NO CLUE. THEY HADN’T EVEN REPRODUCED THE PROBLEM. The guy had to go read the file to find out what I was talking about. 100 bucks, and I left with a computer that still has this same problem THAT I REPRODUCE EVERY DAY. In my opinion, this is the poorest service I’ve EVER experienced. I literally paid 100 bucks for a problem that the “geeks” couldn’t even reproduce, which I reproduce every day. 100 bucks gone, only to be back at the same place I was before, with no answers or hints as to what’s wrong. Wasted time and money.

    The rep was less than empathetic; no offer of recompense was given, just “see you later, next please.” I have a very poor image of Geek Squad at this point. When I have a great customer experience, I make it a point to tell everybody. The same goes for lousy customer experience. I feel it my duty to warn all friends, family and colleagues of my bad experience at Geek Squad and no attempt on their part to make amends.


  3. Chris |  Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 09:53

    They held my PC ransom for a month before finally giving it back, unfixed. I will never, ever waste my time or money on lame Geek Squad again.

  4. A.M. |  Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 18:26

    My parents finally bought a new desktop from Best Buy and had the Geeks transfer everything (including important business programs and files)to the new computer. My Dad explained to me after the fact, that they were very short with him and his concerns and seemed to just want to hurry things up. Eventually he got everything hooked up and tried to “re-learn” his new computer and was extremely disappointed in its performance. Thats when he contacted me and I researched around and found you guys. My Dad went on to purchase one of your packages after speaking with a representative that explained things to him and answered all of his questions. So, after he couldn’t stop thanking me enough for putting him in contact with you…I say thank you for helping him after a frustrating start with the Geek Squad. Your help and support will undoubtedly be recommended to anybody and everybody by both myself and my Dad. Thanks

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