Remote PC Support

Our Guarantee

Secure Remote Support, Inc. offers all of its customers a "No Fix, No Fee Guarantee" with each of its services. For more information on our NO FIX NO FEE policy, and how it applies to our services, please contact one of our support representatives.

In addition to our "No Fix, No Fee Guarantee" we also offer a 100% money back guarantee on any services not fulfilled.

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Our Mission...

To assist computer users of all skill levels by insuring their system operates effectively, efficiently, and reliably.


Secure Remote Support is...


Washington State Incorporated, Secure Remote Support, Inc is a trusted provider of real-time, online computer support for the home, home office, small business, business traveler, and college student on a nationwide level. We can also support residents in Canada and parts of Europe.

Our cutting-edge computer and personal technology services supply support for PCs, Mac’s, MP3 players, PDAs and other mobile devices, networking and network devices, printers and other peripherals, digital cameras, and any software, connectivity, or operating system level issues.

The web-based nature of the company's online service provides an affordable, convenient, efficient, and effective computer support option at the click of a mouse.

Our Personal Technology Experts have:
* An average of 2-4 years of industry experience
* Advanced technical certifications, such as:
o A+
o Net+
* Over 160 hours of in-house training to become Personal Technology Experts
* Ongoing weekly training on new technologies and the latest issues


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